In 1909, Queen Lili'uokalani executed a Deed of Trust, to establish an institution dedicated to the welfare of orphaned Hawaiian children.  At this time she also expressed a vision for the future of Washington Place following her death - that it become a place where the Hawaiian language and music would be preserved.  As such, the non-profit Washington Place Foundation is committed to perpetuating our Queen's legacy to continue to educate people in Hawaiian history, language and music in the spirit of Lili'uokalani whose integrity, courage and all abiding faith has always inspired the people of Hawai'i.  

Detail from No. 6  view of Honolulu, from the Catholic Church. Drawn by Paul Emmert in 1853, published in 1854. Lithograph printed by Britton & Rey, San Francisco.  Hand-colored, twentieth century.  Courtesy of Samuel A. Cooke.