Washington Place Foundation

Washington Place Foundation is the Official Hawaii Governors Residence and a National Historic Landmark. 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


in 1909, Queen Lili`uokalani executed a deed of trust, to establish an institution dedicated to the welfare of orphaned Hawaiian children. At this time she also expressed a vision for the future of Washington Place following her death - that it become a place where the Hawaiian language and music would be preserved.  



Washington Place Foundation was established to perpetuate the Hawaiian language, music and culture following Queen Lili`uokalani's vision.  The goal of Washington Place foundation is the preservation of the National Historic Landmark Washington Place so that we may provide a place of learning and a sanctuary of healing for the people of, and visitors to, Hawai`i.

Ho`okumu `ia `o Washington Place Foundation e ho`omau i ka `ōlelo, ka mele a me ka nohona Hawai`i ma muli o ka haili aloha o ka Mō`ī Wahine Lili`uokalani. `O ka pahuhopu o ka Washington Place Foundation ka mālama `ana iā Washington Place ma ke`ano he Wahi Pana Aupuni i mea e ho`olako ai i kahua no ke a`o `ana a i puʻuhonua ho`ōla no ka po`e o Hawai`i me ka po`e kipa mai.

Washington Place Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We have a part time paid office staff to support WPF programs and organizational efforts at a basic level, but rely on volunteer support to fulfill our mission.


Donations support ongoing programs and preservation. If interested in donating to Washington Place Foundation please complete the payment form at this link >



The Washington Place Foundation Board of Directors is a working board as well as an advisory board.

President - Louise "Gussie" Schubert
Vice President - Pat Wassel
Secretary - Mary Philpotts McGrath
Treasurer - Carleton Williams


Alfred “Kula” Abiva
Mark Glick
Watters Martin
Robin S. Midkiff
Puakea Nogelmeier
Hanakaulani Holt Thompson
Aulani Wilhelm


First Ladies
Dawn Amano-Ige
Dr. Nancie Caraway
Vickie Cayetano
Jean Ariyoshi
Lynn Waihe`e
Nancy Quinn

Honored Members
Vivian Aiona
Marchesa Kapi`olani Marignoli
Nalani Olds
Louise Schubert


(808) 536-8040 (voice mail)