Washington Place Foundation

Washington Place Foundation is the Official Hawaii Governors Residence and a National Historic Landmark. 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.



Aloha Friends,

Washington Place Foundation has pursued the next step for the preservation and restoration of Washington Place as recommended by the National Register of Historic Places and its designation as a National Historic Landmark (NHL), a Cultural Landscape Report (CLR).  This continuing work requires an extreme commitment to the research of the historical background of the property, both the home and grounds. 
The experts tasked with the research and compilation of the CLR, joined Washington Place Foundation to present the findings and recommendations of this report.  The following items were covered, but not limited to:

    •    Review all research projects completed to date, including the Architectural Conservation Plan (ACP) and the HABS Survey.
    •    Present the Cultural Landscape Report to include the existing conditions survey and the treatment recommendations.
    •    Develop an interpretative plan outline for restoration efforts of the home and to develop a museum to reflect the NHL designation.

We now move in partnership with State of Hawai`i to facilitate the recommendations, repairs and renovation suggested by these reports.

(The CLR, as well as the ACP and Historic American Building Survey (HABS) are available through the State Archives for review.)