Washington Place Foundation

Washington Place Foundation is the Official Hawaii Governors Residence and a National Historic Landmark. 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


1847–1889 - Mary Jones Dominis, wife of Capt. John Dominis

1847–1891 - John Owen, son of Mary and Capt. John Dominis

1847–1848 - Anthony Ten Eyck, U.S. Commissioner to the Kingdom of Hawai`i

1849–1854 - William Little Lee, first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court for the Kingdom of Hawai`i

1862–1917 - Queen Lili`uokalani

Washington Place has served as the official residence for the Governors of Hawai`i:

1918-1921 - Gov. Charles J. McCarthy
1922-1929 - Gov. Wallace R. Farrington
1929-1934 - Gov. Lawrence M. Judd
1934-1942 - Gov. Joseph Poindexter
1942-1951 - Gov. Ingram Stainback
1951-1953 - Gov. Oren E. Long
1953-1957 - Gov. Samuel Wilder King
1957-1962 - Gov. William Francis Quinn
1962-1974 - Gov. John Anthony Burns
1974-1986 - Gov. George Ryoichi Ariyoshi
1986-1994 - Gov. John Waihee
1994-2002 - Gov. Benjamin J. Cayetano

Queen Lili'uokalani  on the lanai, 1913  L.E. Edgeworth,    Bishop Museum

Queen Lili'uokalani on the lanai, 1913
L.E. Edgeworth, Bishop Museum

Governors from 2002-present reside in a new house on the property. Washington Place is still used for official Governor functions.

2002-2010 - Gov. Linda Lingle
2010-2014 - Gov. Neil Abercrombie
2014-present - Gov. David Ige